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Announcing the 'Blue Star Blog'

Vets for Victory is proud to welcome Chris Hardwick, an Army veteran and father of Iraq war veteran Ben Hardwick.  Chris will serve as our Blue and Gold Star Family Coordinator.  Additionally, Chris will also post comments in 'The Blue Star Blog,' a place to learn of the challenges faced by the families at home and often overlooked by the American public. Welcome aboard Chris.
Brian Lowman of Evington, Virginia races for Victory and shows support of V4V and the troops.  Way to go Brian! We hope you win every race!
Erik Freeman and wife Jean displaying a V4V War Poster they made from our .pdf files to help raise funds for a home for an amputee veteran. Erik designed with the help of V4V the 'Support Victory' magnet he uses to raise support for victory and returning vets.  Photo courtesy Erik Freeman.

Massachusetts Commits Troop Support - Dec 3rd, 2007

Boston - Massachusetts lawmakers declared that the state of Massachusetts "will not abandon the troops while they serve in the field" in a resolution passed in the state assembly.  Following the lead in several other states, and with the assistance of Vets for Victory, Massachusetts State Representative Elizabeth Poirier (R) N. Attleboro, and State Senator Steve Brewer (D) Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin, successfully adopted the resolutions in a bi-partisan effort that declare full support to the troops.  We are encouraged by their leadership and will continue to support such efforts that stake a position for our troops.  Massachusetts is now the fourth state to adopt our troop resolution efforts.

Read more about it here.


Floridians Call for Victory - June 16th, 2007

Tampa - Answering the call of Floridians, Vets for Victory will campaign to raise the soldier's voice against those calling for abandonment and defeat in the Sunshine State.  Florida vets and patriots are taking a stand as they declare to their fellow citzens that the state should not abandon the troops in time of war and will support thier efforts to secure victory.  State legislators supporting a joint 'troop support resolution' will work to get this needed support in the special session of the legislature in June.  The efforts will also include the Hillsborough County resolution passed in May and capped with a Victory Rally at the Joe Chillura Courthouse Park in Tampa on June 16th at 10:00 am.  Come support the troops!   Read more about it here.


Oklahoma Rally Huge Success - February 17th, 2007

On February 17th 2007, Vets for Victory launched its first Victory Rally to support the troops and their mission in Iraq on the south steps of the Oklahoma State Capitol.  The rally coincided with a unanimous resolution by the Oklahoma State Legislature that proclaimed the State of Oklahoma’s position that it will not abandon the troops in the field in time of war and will support their efforts to secure victory.  US Congr. Mary Fallin spoke along with a powerful team of national speakers.  Read more about it here.




Some of our featured Rally Speakers



Ed Pulido

'It's for America'

Decorated Iraq Veteran

Steve Russell

'Vets for Victory'

Led Saddam Hunt


Scott Rutter

TAPS National Spokesman

Young America's Foundation

Captured Baghdad Airport

John Reitzell

Decorated Ranger and Special Ops Veteran of Vietnam, Lebanon, and Somalia


Johnny Waltz

Vets for Victory Contributing Writer

Vets for Freedom Kentucky Director

Afghan & Iraq Disabled Vet

Kevin Pannell

Wounded Iraq Veteran

'First Person, Inc.'

Inspirational Speaker

Amputee Peer Mentor




Washington Rallies for Troops - October 20th, 2007

Seattle / Bellevue - Grassroots organizations in the greater Seattle area have banded together to express a bold display of support for the troops and their mission.  A dozen area groups are bringing their hometown message to greater Seattle. The rally will feature music groups and a speaker line-up that includes US Congr. Dave Reichert, Lt. Col. (Ret) Steve Russell, who was a major player in the hunt and capture of Saddam Hussein, and area veterans and parents of veterans who feel it is time to stand up for the troops.

Read more about it here.



Vermonters Call for Victory - May 1st - 6th, 2007

Answering the call of Vermonters, Vets for Victory continued its initial work begun in March when troop supporters took a stand against those calling for abandonment and defeat.  Now, in the spirit of Ethan Allen, Vermont patriots once again took a stand against long odds as they declared that the state should not abandon the troops in time of war and will support thier efforts to secure victory.  Scores of state legislators supported Joint Resolution 07-1390 and took heart by recognizing that the sacrifices of fallen and serving Vermonters must be supported with a public sentiment that backs the troops to win, rather than backing the enemies of our nation through failure.  Read more about it here.


We're calling on YOU to take action

How you can help

What can you do?  We are often asked what the average American citizen can do to help our efforts.  Our goal with the Victory Rallies is to show others in America and the media  that large numbers of Americans do not accept the notion that the war in Iraq and the broader War on Terror is lost.  Our success in many states shows what can happen when the people get involved.  You can help us to organize efforts in your states and territories.  We aim to put 'on the record' the stand of those who refuse to abandon our troops in the field in time of war.

Our grassroots legislative effort.  Hold a Victory Rally at each capitol in the various states and territories of our great nation.  The purpose of this rally is to support the troops and their mission.  We will accomplish this with a legislative proclamation organized by the citizens in each state couple with a physical rally of veterans groups and patriotic Americans.  This proclamation will be worked through each legislature by you, the citizens of each state and territory.  The purpose of the proclamation is to tell our troops in the field that your state will not abandon them in time of war.  And it will record for all time how patriotic citizens refused to be on record for chosing to lose a war that we can win.

Here's what you can do:

* Get mobilized!! Stand together as concerned citizenstogether as one and rally with Vets for Victory.  Enlist the support of other organizations and suppport a rally in your area with your banners, your post colors, your vet organization hats, blazers, or T-shirts that you already have.  Show America that this is a broad effort.  Come and let your organization’s presence be felt and seen.  If you do not belong to one or are not a veteran, you can still be a Veteran for Victory and organize an effort to put your state or city on record that it will not abandon the troops in time of war.  Some of the most effective work so far has been done by concerned citizens organizing efforts in their state.  Lead or fall in with someone and show your support.

* Volunteer to organize a Victory Rally in your state.  Contact us here for more information.  States currently supporting victory efforts are VT, FL, WA, MI, MN, AL, and MA.  Volunteers are needed for other states.

* Forward a call to action.  Once the date set, forward a call to action to those that will enlist in this effort in your state.  The one on the right is an example for the effort in Oklahoma.

* Download a sign and carry it for victory!  These professional looking PDF files can be taken to Kinkos, or other print copy places to enlarge for impressive signs you can carry. This can be done for as little as $30 - $90, depending on the size you wish.  You can also print these into impressive Patriotic Posters for your business, local veterans' group or neighborhood.

* Make a donation right now to support our efforts.  Look for the donate circles at the top and bottom of every page of this site. We are a David vs Goliath effort.  We do not have the major corporate or foundational support that war opponents have. These funds will help us with the costs associated with publicizing and setting up the rallies, with phone calls, and with travel expenses to come and speak at your state rally.

Link our site! Post this graphic on your website, blog or MySpace with a link to this page or the main page.

* Wear your message!  Wear T-Shirts, hats, and other gear at he Rally.  Continue to send your message after it is over.  Shirts usually ship in three days.  Support Victory wherever you go.



Fellow Allies in the Battle on the Home Front










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