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LTC Steve Russell (RET)
The unit he commanded was a central player in the hunt and Capture of Saddam Hussein. LTC Russell speaks across the United States, rallying the American public to support the troops with victory, not just words.
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LTC Scott E. Rutter (RET)
It was his unit that assaulted and took the Baghdad International Airport in a daring maneuver, for which his unit was broadly recognized. LTC Rutter was decorated with the Silver Star for this brilliant and deadly action.
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Vets for Victory Chairman takes Republicans by Surprise in New Orleans

New Orleans - June 18th, 2011. - Republicans attending the leadership conference in New Orleans to hear most of the 2012 Presidential hopefuls were taken by surprise at the remarks of retired Lt. Col. Steve Russell.

Russell, who serves in the state senate in Oklahoma gave a brief and powerful speech to an audience who at first wondered who it was they were even listening to. By the end, the audience was on its feet taken on a tearful, inspirational and jubilent journey about the greatness of America and the need to cast aside the cynics and critics who stand in the way of restoring our nation.

Listen to the amazing speech on CSPAN by clicking the link above.

We Got Him! - Book details hunt and capture  of Saddam Hussein

Steve Russell, Chairman of Vets for Victory, has a new realese out that details the hunt and capture of Saddam Hussein.

The late Robin Moore, author of The Green Berets and The French Connection praised Russell's book as "an extraordinary personal glimpse of the war. A monumental credit to himself, his troops and the United States of America."

General Ray Odierno, who wrote the forward of the book, states, "Steve delivers the most accurate account I have read to date."


Simon & Schuster's Threshold Editions has now bought rights to the book.

Email to learn how to obtain a copy.


Vets 4 Victory partners with Pros 4 Vets

Pros 4 Vets, with the direct assistance of Vets for Victory will lead the fight to initiate legal aid for returning veterans, projects to memoralize the fallen and efforts to provied needed awareness and education about the challenges returning veterans face.

Vets for Victory Chariman Steve Russell announced an unprecedented and diverse gathering of professionals, including National Football League stars, world-class athletes and entertainers, military heroes and professional organizations that are joining forces to raise awareness and address the staggering needs of America’s veterans and their families.

Several professional organizations will explain initiatives in which they will participate as part of the “Pros for Vets” effort, including a major initiative on behalf of veterans by the Oklahoma Bar Association. Bar Association President-Elect Deborah Reheard will provide details on the “Oklahoma Lawyers for America's Heroes” effort, which will assist veterans with legal issues. Read more HERE



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